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Raymond Anderson has been pushing the National Amateur Radio Operators Day Resolution, H.R.329, really hard. He is encouraging others to contact their congressperson. June 14 of 2021, Raymond Anderson spent hours contacting congress members from across the country.  Here is an image displaying the congress members he contacted. Raymond recommends contacting congress members both by phone and email.

"I started Long Distance Responders so I can help prepare the community for emergencies with amateur radio,” said Raymond. “There might be a price for a radio, but the ability and knowledge to help someone is truly priceless."


I am proud to announce that Congresswoman of Arizona, Debbie Lesko, reintroduced H.R. 1201: National Amateur Radio Operators Day to House of Representative on 04/19/21 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/1201/text. The resolution currently has 11 co-sponsors:



Name                           State Party


Paul Gosar                  AZ R

Julia Brownley           CA D

Kai Kahele                  HA D

Daniel Webster            FL R

Mike Kelly                  PA R

Doug LaMalfa            CA R

Glenn Grothman        WI R

Chris Jacobs              NY R

Robert Aderholt         AL R

Kat Cammack             FL R

Ashley Hinson            IA R


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